Order FAQs

Do you provide samples?

Decorated samples for screenprinting are not available. 

Is there a minimum?

On some products yes, on others no.  See specific items for details or reach out for a custom quote. 

How long will it take me to get my order?

Typically 21-28 days from art approval.

What about shipping?

Exact shipping is based on each job and ship to location.  Shipping discounts based on order volume and frequency are often offered.  Be sure to ask.

Do I have to provide a design or do you make a design for me?

We require  Adobe Illustrator files sized as you would like them printed with all fonts outlined.

What is the order process?

We like this process to be 'easy peasy' - here are the basic steps

  1. You complete a Order Form form HERE - the more details you provide upfront, the faster we can get your project priced printed and on the way to you!  woo-hoo :)
  2. A 923 team member reaches out to confirm and finalize any details. 
  3. You receive a formal quote
  4. You review, pay your down payment and garments are ordered.
  5. Approximately 5 business days after quote approval and payment - you will receive a digital proof. 
  6. Once your art is approved your order will be scheduled for production, you will pay your final payment and then your order will print and ship to you in the time frame outlined on your quote.
  7. You get notified your order is ready to ship and receive your tracking! And happy mail is on the way to you :)

Do I have to provide you with garments to print on or to you supply those?

In special circumstances we could discuss using your garments/products, but find that in most cases our pricing and location - within a short distance to several major wholesale apparel warehouses is best overall.  In other words, usually best for us to get those for yo.. If you are supplying the blanks, we ask that you provide a minimum of 15% overage to allow for any misprints, flawed apparel items, etc. Customer supplied items must be approved. 

How do I decide what garment to print on?

This one is not necessarily as easy.  This is going to be a very personal decision that will vary widely based on who will be wearing the garment and the purpose, but here are a few helpful hints that may help narrow down your options.

  • DTG is best on 100%  cotton garments and way better on light colors then darks
  • Screenprinting can handle any garment material
  • Dark colors are always more costly and have a heavier 'hand' when it comes to decorating
  • For promotional products where your audience/clients are both men and women a nice unisex tee could be a great alternative
  • We do have access to thousands of styles - this can be very overwhelming.  Don't worry - we will help you narrow down your choices
  • Be sure to have considered the following when you speak with a team member - 1) if you want a unisex or women's cut garment 2) two main colors you want 3) what style - long sleeve, short sleeve, hoodie
  • ***PLEASE NOTE - due to industry wide supply chain issues it is best to have 2 or 3 options when selecting apparel to ensure we can locate inventory for your project.

What shirts/hoodies, etc do you have?

Check out our apparel page HERE