Direct To Garment FAQs

What is direct to garment (DTG)?

Direct to garment or DTG is the process of printing digitally directly onto apparel and other products like hats, coasters, picture frames, and more.  We use an Epson F2100 for DTG.

What type of products can be printed using the DTG technique?

Tees, Hats, Hoodies, Onesies, and More

Is there a minimum?


What type of designs work best with DTG?

You can use any design with DTG, but we recommend designs that have many colors and/or a small run be printed with DTG.  A transparent background PNG file will work great for file type. Art files MUST be print ready or design fees will apply.  This means it is the correct size and will print exactly as you send it.

Do you help with designs/artwork or do I need my own?

Please bring your own design.  We can refer you to strategic partners that do offer great premium design service.  If you are looking for graphic tees with current designs please check out our resources page for links to trendy wholesale graphic tees.

What is the turn around time?

Average turn around time for DTG is 5-7 business days after approval and payment.

Can I get a sample?

We do offer paid samples for DTG.

How does DTG printing 'feel' on apparel?

DTG has a very soft 'hand' typically you cannot feel the design particularly on light colored shirts.  Larger designs on darker shirts do have more of a design feel.

How does the quality of DTG printing compare to other apparel decorating techniques; screenprinting, heat press, etc.

DTG is a great printing technique that with proper printing, curing and following the recommended wash techniques will last a very long time with design integrity.  All design techniques have their place and are affected by many factors such as initial application, garment care, etc. 

How does the cost of DTG compare with other apparel decorating techniques?

DTG is very different so it is hard to compare costs.  Meaning - if you are printing 100 shirts with a one or two color logo screenprinting is probably the more economical option.  However, if you are printing a photo realistic print on 10 shirts then DTG will definitely be more cost effective than screenprinting.  Also keep in mind DTG works best on 100% cotton lighter color garments.  You can also easily personalize with DTG great for bridal parties, family reunions, holiday gifts and more. White ink and prints on darker shirts can be very cost prohibitive and impact quality.

What are the pros (and cons) of DTG?


  • Easily do small runs
  • Ecomically print designs with many colors - photo realistic quality
  • Personalization is an option
  • Transparent PNG works great as the art file - not necessary to know how to work in photoshop or illustrator to still produce a great print file
  • Samples available
  • Great when starting out and not ready to stock large amounts of inventory
  • Quick Turn Time


  • Additional challenges with dark colors 
  • 100% Cotton works best - limits variety for garments

What does the order/fulfillment process look like?

Super easy! 

Submit your Order Form HERE - the more details you provide upfront, the faster we can get your project priced printed and on the way to you!  woo-hoo :)

  1. A 923 team member reaches out to confirm and finalize any details.
  2. Receive a formal quote
  3. You review, pay your deposit or full payment whatever applies and the magic begins~!
  4. Once your shirts are received, your order will be scheduled for production, you will pay your final payment and then your order will print and ship to you in the time frame outlined on your quote.
  5. You get notified your order is ready to ship and receive your tracking! And happy mail is on the way to you :)